Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Season of the Seasoned. 2008 Comebacks.

Move over newcomers, this season is the season of the seasoned. This year, quite a few stars (and inaminate objects) are making solid attempts at re-presenting themselves to the world. Britney spears, Eminem, Pink, Lance Armstrong, and Battleship (yes, the board game!) are just among the many making their re-debut this year.
  1. Britney Spears has got to be the most talked about has-been ever. Both before she did those VMAs and after. All that drama with her kids, K.F., her hair, and hospital visits kept the camera on her long after she had lost all that fan base for her music. But who pictured Britney Spears could've even attempted a comeback? Certainly not me. This didn't stop the ex pop-princess from doing the 2007 VMAs as a 'comeback'. Y'know, the one with really bad lip sinking, even worse dance moves, and a confused Britney who seemed not to care about her performance? Having seen this first incident, I didn't have much hope for her second go at it, even with all of the media hype about it being her re-entry into our living rooms, for good this time. This didn't stop me from gluing myself to my couch with a bag of microwave popcorn and my fuzzy slippers, however. Surprisingly, a shiny Brit Brit accepted three VMA awards. She's also supposed to preform her song 'Womanizer' on the UK TV talent show 'X-Factor'. Judge Simon Cowell is not nervous about her reputation as...well..crazy. In fact, he says it just makes her more interesting (source). I can't help but think that's a business opinion, not the personal opinion of Cowell. Despite the fact that this comeback is striking a much cleaner note, it's still not as successful as her reps would have liked. 'Womanizer' isn't doing as well as they thought, and they decided to put off the date of it's release in order to release the best version possible. Hm....maybe Brit Brit should stick to being a mommy and an auntie for now. Who knows though, she is marketable, and people are curious.
  2. Eminem fans can stop wishing, Slim Shady is on his way back. 50 Cent turns to tabloid informer, telling press that Eminem is, in fact, writing a new album. This would be the first one since Encore, which was released in 2004. Four years is a lot of time for someone as big as Eminem to disappear completely. Kinda makes me wonder weather or not he'll carry the same inspiration. Should we expect slightly angry family rants and political opinions? I don't know weather I want him to be the same (I liked him before, I'd like him again if he was), or weather I want him to have evolved as a person and as an artist into something a little different, like PATD did with their separate albums. Of course, 50 Cent isn't to blame in discarding E's cover. No, that honor goes to the artist himself, really. 50 may have said more then Eminem, but Eminem said it first. It is true, however, that 50's accounts of E's recent studio time were more solid and definite. He's back, moms, turn that sensor back on.(Source).
  3. Okay, so Pink doesn't really need a comeback. She's a rock star, and she hasn't shaved her head or disappeared completely from earth recently. In fact, next to the rest of Hollywood, she's a regular Mary. Despite the fact that it wasn't an official comeback, or a needed one, Pink's performance of 'So What' at the 2008 VMAs makes the list. It was the first time I'd seen or heard of her in a while, or thought much about her, and the song was good. I liked it, anyhow, and downloaded it soon after the program aired.
  4. Lance Armstrong. Think about that. The first things to come to mind are probably cancer, bicycles, and, maybe, if you're from Texas, water conservation. The almost 37 activist/cyclist has decreed that he shall try for an eighth Tour De France title. Whoa, buddy. Usually, athletes retire at relatively young ages. It's the main argument of mom's worldwide to get their sons and daughters into good collages and to drop dreams of being athletes professionally. Not this one, however. Lance is making a cycling comeback! News of him biking again also brings out rumors that he plans to run for governor in 2010. This is unlikely. He doesn't deny or confirm the possibility for 2014 though. Lance Armstrong, governor. Wouldn't that just tickle McCain? After all, the man must be sour against people like Armstrong and Schwarzenegger, what with his anti-celebrity anti-Obama campaignes a while ago.
  5. Not much to say here. Battleship. I had a battleship. Haha. The game, which was popular thirty and fourty years ago, has made it's appearences in Batman Forever, Toy Story, Lois and Clark, NewsRadio, and Cybill. That's a lot of appearences for just one board game. I wonder if it's tired, lol.(Source).

Saturday, August 30, 2008


That little tag right there is your link to an artistic and fun site that you will, undoubtedly, love. If you check it out, look me up (CamillaMillie). It really is a site to make your own cool art and discuss it with others who share the same obsession with Polyvore as you do. I stumbled onto it by accident one day, cause I was looking for an easy way to layer images to make banners. This site can be good for that, but I peeked around at other users and saw exactly how many different ways people enjoy this site. It's got to be the most artistic forum/Friend Addy Thing ever. It's amazing. I can't even explain how much I love it. Go check it out. Click on that tag! Go on, CLICK IT!! :)

I HATE Trees.

Usually trees don't bother me. Usually a tree is just a pretty thing that keeps the sun from burning me and minds it's own business.

But today I spent three hours dragging various branches from where my father happened to cut down two huge trees to our driveway, where he had parked the woodchipper. It was, without question, the dumbest thing I have ever done. The tree, for some ungodly reason, was covered in half-inch spikes that resembled large rose thorns. Really. I didn't know trees could have spikes, and I sure don't know why my dad thought he should have me drag them around. (that's the best picture I could find online that resembled the trees I was pulling about. The spikes were much bigger on the bigger branches, but that's about right for that size of a twig. They aren't fun.)

It was a mess of tiny little leaves, woodchips, and blood. I'm a clutz naturally, and I recently hurt my right foot so that I can't wear anything other then flip-flops for a week or so, which meant that these stupid spiky branches made just a mess out of my feet. They look like I spent my day kicking about an angry cat. It was tiring, horrible, sweaty, hot, painful work that made me decide I'm just never going to have plants. Ever. I hate gardening anyway, so it's not like that would be a loss...eh.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Trends

This fall, it is hard for me to choose which new trend makes me happiest. I am always giddy when it comes to fall. New school year, new chances, new start etc. BUT, there is one little detail that cannot go unnoticed, and that's fall fashion!! I love fall season's clothes the best by far. Earthy comfortable clothes with just a bit more sophistication to them then the Short Short Mayhem that is summer. So, as I'm inspecting the Internet for major fall trends this year, what is my favourite? And, just as important, my least favourite?

Stylebakery.com calls the colour purple this season's 'go-to' colour. That in itself made me grin. I absolutely love purple, and I'm excited that there'll be more of it around.

I've also noticed, just by browsing through racks of clothing in my local mall, (despite my not-so-full pockets), that there are a lot of different layering pieces then before. Cute puffy vests, t-shirts over long sleeves, eclectic accessories. That made me almost as happy as ankle booties! {Though, admittedly, I can't see myself buying them, they are sure fun to look at, and cute as all heck!}.

So, now that I've clarified my favorite trends for this fall, there is one which I simply cannot participate in. Now, I'm okay with print. I have a frilly black tank top with wide straps and colorful floral print on the neckline. But, that top (which was an impulse buy, and I do love it) only has the huge flowery print on the neckline, and it's not extreme. This season, however, there seems to be a lot of dresses that are nothing but large, colourful, florals. Ew. Now, is it just me, or have we been strongly opposed to large floral patterns covering our entire bodies since about 1991? Albeit this being mostly against pants, I don't think this season's floral print dresses are much better. Honestly. They're...weird. This Purple and Gold Dress is anything but my favorite, and the gold in it looks almost like an icky brownish color when the shadows hit it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

I just got back from a Beaver's game with some of my favorite family members :P woo! ha ha. We were like fourth row and we kicked the other team's ass by five runs. I'm not so much a fanatic sports player, but I sure do like watching. It was my dad and I, and we met up with my aunt J.J. and uncle Jason and their two adorable kids. Bryce is...three? Maybe four. And Brenna's six. Honestly, they are my favorite little cousins. (It helps that they love me) ha. Basically, their Mum gave them cotton candy and they were bouncing around and sitting on my lap.
Going to sporting events downtown is a big deal with my dad. He used to take me every chance he got, and I've been going since way before I remember. It's a big bonding thing for us, we both get really into it. Brenna, Bryce, and J.J. had never been before (ohmygod), and I was overly excited for them :). I was so glad that it was a nice warm night, and we won, and we had good seats, it was the perfect first game for them.
Being around them made me have high hopes for my Step-Mum's kid. She's pregnant (we don't know the sex yet), and a lot of the people in her family are crazy annoying and rude and just...odd. Not in the insane random way that a lot of teens are (I'm okay with that!) it's just like they were raised in their own world where they invite themselves places they weren't actually invited to and hate me for no good reason. Needless to say I was a bit nervous about her raising a child and how the kid would turn out. My dad's not like that though, and so I'm not worried really. Besides, I'll make sure that doesn't happen! Kind of. In reality I'll be moving out of the house before the kid turns two so I won't really be around all that often. Kid or no kid I don't want to have to be around my Step-Mum's family if I don't have to be.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I registered for school on Tuesday, and, miraculously, got all the classes I wanted! Yes! Even though it matters almost not at all to you what my classes are, I'm going to post them because they make me happy and I am oh so excited about them.
  1. Oceanography
  2. IB Social Anthropology
  3. Junior English
  4. German 3
  5. US History 1
  6. Algebra 3
  7. Art General 5-8

So, like I said, I'm excited. Not so much for losing 6 hours of otherwise free time and precious hours of sleep, but for the classes I guess. And for seeing my friends again. With the exception of three of my close friends, pretty much everyone was working or gone all summer. Either that or were in summer school, which is an hour bus ride from my house at best. I also started at my current school last year, so this whole process is relatively new to me. I mean at least at this school. Appropriately, as this is the not-quite beginning of fall for those of us just starting to get ready for school, and as I have been rambling about my school for the past two paragraphs, I'd like to hear from you!

Tell me about your school, or your classes, or your friends. Fun stories make the world go 'round, do they not?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Recently, I went shopping for fall {A bit early to wear the clothes, especially considering the scalding temperatures, but the stuffs for sale and its cheaper out of season anyway (: } . The point is, is that I found my new favorite store.
I'm a picky shopper. Really. I am all too convinced that there will be a better deal or something I like better in the next store. So, it is rare for me to spend a lot of money in one place. But, sometimes it happens anyway. My local mall just went through a bunch of remodeling {they aren't entirely finished now, either} and got a bunch of new stores. So, I went there to shop and had my first experience at a Buckle. Before I went in, I thought for sure it'd be really preppy and really expensive and (lets get honest here) out of my league. But I was pleasantly surprised when the prices weren't as high as I expected and service was great {though occasionally annoyingly so}. Beyond anything though was the fact that I loved the clothes. I ended up buying more stuff there then anywhere else. I bought a pair of jeans, too, cause I was in love with them, but the jeans did meet my High Price expectations.
Either way, you should check out what I have declared my new favorite store at:: http://www.buckle.com. Yay! lol.